The Silver of the Stars creative learning resource is an online tool that uses Scotland’s most exciting contemporary collection of silver, Silver of the Stars, as the inspiration for creative learning. It has been developed  in partnership between the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of Edinburgh and the Arts & Creative Learning team at the City of Edinburgh Council, and the content has been devised by learners and teachers.

Silver of the Stars is infused with creativity – from the design and craftsmanship evident in each piece, to the careers of the stars in fashion, design, music, film-making and literature.

You can find all of the ingredients that went into making this collection right here, including the original designs for each piece, photographs of the silver and the stars, films of the makers and posters from exhibitions at museums around the world.

The combination of these elements with case studies and ideas for lessons and projects, make this resource easy to use and enable a wealth of exciting creative journeys to take place.

Inspiration for Creative Learning

Lorna Macdonald, Strategic Development Officer – Creative Learning, City of Edinburgh Council, tells us about the Silver of the Stars collection as a learning resource.

Silver of the Stars provides rich opportunities to explore creativity across learning, not just in the expressive arts.

Silver of the Stars began with the idea of a drink with a close friend. This was the catalyst for collaboration on the design and creation of silver drinking vessels. An open ended question resulted in works of beauty that invite us to explore many ideas.

The exhibition, the stories behind it and the ideas it inspires provide fabulous opportunities for learning. For example, The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh was established in the mid-Fifteenth Century. It administers the Edinburgh Assay Office where precious metals are tested and the globally recognised Scottish hallmark is applied. Hallmarking is the oldest form of consumer protection in the world. Gold and silver invite an exploration of history, geography, human rights, arts and design, craft, social status, wars, land management, banking etc. Also encapsulated in each drinking vessel are the concepts of celebrity past and present, of being Scottish, thoughts about art, a sense of place and so much more.

Silver of the Stars encapsulates creativity skills:

  • being constructively inquisitive
  • being open minded
  • able to harness imagination
  • able to identify and solve problems


The story of Silver of the Stars

Mary Michel, Director of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of Edinburgh, tells us the story of the Silver of the Stars collection.

This website is a growing bank of resources and inspiration for creative learning and teaching across all curriculum areas. You are welcome to use and adapt the ideas to suit your own context. Please share with us anything you have done that has been successful – particularly where learners’ creativity skills have been developed. Most of all we hope you enjoy Silver of the Stars and the creativity it inspires.

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