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Plans and tools are detailed ideas on how to use the collection and resources on this site across the curriculum from early years to senior phase of schools and beyond. These ideas and plans have come from teachers and experts in all sectors as well as from young people themselves. Feel free to send in your ideas too!


Introduce ‘Silver of the Stars’ at group time

Have a ‘Talking Tub’ with different teapots, images, teabags, tea leaves, tea cosy etc to inspire conversation. Create mind-map with children’s ideas

Have different tea pots in the water tray to explore volume – ‘How many cups can you fill with each pot?’ Continue reading Teapots

Dancing with the stars

In pairs or small groups pupils are given an image of the silversmith’s creation along with the name and description of the star.

Pupils will write down key words and ideas to help them create movement.

Exploring lines, shapes, dynamics, balances and partner work to create a sequence based on the visual image with aspects of the star. Continue reading Dancing with the stars