Creativity in the curriculum

In a time of unprecedented economic and social uncertainly, Scotland needs to prepare its young people for life and work. Well developed higher-order skills will be essential and the ability to think creatively is among the most important of those skills. Employers increasingly look for thinking skills such as creativity as much if not more, than job-specific skills and knowledge.

Creativity is often associated with the Expressive Arts and there is a rForbes teapot design 2elationship. However, creativity is not the sole domain of the arts. Creativity can and should be developed across learning. The expressive arts are very good at helping develop creative skills that can be applied in a wide range of contexts. This is most successful when the arts or indeed any other area of the curriculum presents young people with opportunities to personalise their learning, talk about the skills they are developing and when the learning is appropriately challenging. (See page on IDL for example.)

Young people need to learn to be creative but also should be given opportunities to learn through being creative. This means that across learning, skills such as being curious and open minded, the ability to harness imagination and to identify and solve problems are essential. This is also at the heart of the philosophy of Curriculum for Excellence and creative learning provides young people with real opportunities to take greater responsibility for planning and managing their own learning. That learners and teachers work together in an open ended, enquiry based way is very much a part of developing creativity. The scope for working with partners very much places creative learning at the heart of curriculum for excellence.

Creativity is truly interdisciplinary as it draws together knowledge, insight and understanding in specific areas, bringing them together in a way that takes the learner to new places.

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