Linda Robertson

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Linda originally comes from the Isle of Bute, a small island on the west coast, where she lived for 25 years. She is now a contemporary silversmith living and working in London. Working mainly in sheet metal, using restrained geometric forms Linda is continually inspired by the architecual landscape.

Linda created an inventive handle-less teapot for Lulu. The pot is cupped in both hands to be poured, a ceremonial gesture reminiscent of Japanese tea rituals and also a sign of friendship when proffering the tea to a companion. To keep the tea hot and the hands cool, Linda worked hard with an engineer to perfect the thermal insulation, a difficult technique that has rendered wonderful results.

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Materials: sterling silver, 9c white gold, 3 microns hard gold plating, insulating thermal plastic
Height: 12 cms
Weight: 1.587 kgs