Roger Millar

Read on to find out more about Roger’s work, view his gallery and videos of an interview and demonstration of Roger’s craft.

Roger is a silversmith living and working in Glasgow. His work is mainly concerned with the design and making of functional pieces which should encourage frequent, if not daily, use.

In his design for Nicola’s hot chocolate pot, Roger was asked to include a subtle reference to music. He got so immersed in the design process that he produced five different designs for her to select. The final result was a beautiful pot and a pair of mugs, made by seaming the metal and spinning it. The insulating bars between the body and handle of the pot and mugs make this piece as practical as it is stunning, thanks to the flair of the design, and Nicola’s exuberant signature.

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Materials: sterling silver
Pot Height: 27 cms
Pot Weight: 1.081 kgs




Interview with Roger Millar

[vimeo 105990222  w=600 h=315]


[vimeo 105990221  w=600 h=315]